A quick look at some of my projects.  Some are furniture, some are built-in cabinets, and some of them are not even made of wood!  Many of these appear in my Blog with more detail.

Kona Living Furniture

Kona Living is all about style and natural beauty.  These pieces use the signature vertical bevel in the frames and beautiful wood veneers or spectacular stone for the horizontal surfaces.  Below are some samples.

Nested Tables

With vibrant red and the unparalleled beauty of Hawaiin koa wood, these are spectacular and versitile pieces.


IMG_2447  IMG_2451


And a matching bookcase made with hand sawn cherry veneer.


Mardi Gras Furniture-5

Mardi Gras Furniture-9

Lemurian Blue

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Brilliant flashes of blue light from this unusual stone.  Set in a black lacquer frame as a small side table.


Take a one minute tour to see all the lights go down.

And I have more stone like this.

Mardi Gras Living

Mardi Gras is the last binge before the discipline of Lent.  Food, drink, music, fun.  Once a year.  But we can live Mardi Gras a little bit every day by surrounding ourselves with reminders that life can be fun, exuberant, colorful, and happy.  That is what I call Mardi Gras Living.



Jackson Pollack #8

What’s life without some, um, abstract expressionism?


The Etagere

There are two battery powered lights to illuminate your items.  I have a red one, too.

Hangs on the wall with a cleat I provide, super easy.


Built-In Cabinets

I do a lot of local cabinet work.  Here are a few items.

The Built-in With Fireplace Mantle

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LED lighting in the cabinets and a recessed tv covered by my shop-made barn doors.  The mantle preserves the look of the original stone facia around the fireplace.

A Styled Radiator Cover

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Super clean look that still respects the original style of the house.  Sturdy to use as a bench but easy to move when necessary.

The Custom Bath Cabinet

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Made of white oak and hand made pine panels from 100 year old salvage wood used during the remodel of the bath.  This is custom at its best.

Antique Repair and Refinishing

I get a lot of inquiries about repair and refinishing of antiques.  I love this work because it is so interesting.  I usually do a lot of research for this kind of thing because I need to know the proper restoration techniques and materials.  And I love research.

The Antique Windsor Chair

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This chair was broken – even more broken than the owner knew.  But I fixed it.  And learned a lot about it in the process.

The Windsor is probably the most popular chair category ever.  I say “category” because the Windsor chair has dozens of variations after evolving for about 300 years since its beginnings in England.  Light weight, sturdy, inexpensive, and comfortable.  You could do a semester college course just on the fundamentals of this chair.

Turns out it’s pretty darn old, too.

The Crashed Hutch


Yep, this thing crashed onto the floor during some remodeling.  I didn’t do it.  I wasn’t there.  

Returned to its splendid glory after I replaced a bunch of wood, stained it to match and voila!  And I screwed the top to the base so it wouldn’t fall again!

The “Bedside Table”

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I put “Bedside Table” in quotes because I think it is really a child’s dresser.  It had been used as a bedside table and had some spill stains to support that.  The owner only wanted it refinished, but like a veterinarian seeing a wounded animal, I could just let it suffer.

It is solid walnut, with poplar secondary wood.  Did some basic repairs, a lot of sanding, and added a very nice lacquer finish.  It now works nicely and looks great.

A Cane and Paradox Walnut Side Table

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Paradox Walnut is a rare species. Combined with a rigid cane top, it is both beautiful and functional. I plan to make another just like it for a pair of end tables.

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