Lemurian Blue “Granite” Table

The latest addition to the Kona Living collection of furniture is this superb example of Lemurian Blue stone recessed into a glossy black lacquer hardwood frame.

Kona Living celebrates natural surfaces and dramatic color combinations.  The flame of blue color shines when the light source, the internal geometry, and the eye line up just right.  Watch below, as the table spins to catch light from different angles.


Geology – Sometimes Granite Isn’t Really Granite

This stone would most likely be called granite by homeowners, interior designers, architects – even by stone sellers and fabricators, but it isn’t granite.  It’s called anorthosite.  Granite is a mix of several minerals, mostly quartz, feldspar and mica. Like granite, anorthosite is an igneous rock but it is formed differently, crystalizing from some of the less dense constituents of magma and thus, with different minerals which include feldspar, but in a different form called plagioclase and joined by a shopping list of various other minerals.


And Physics, Baby!

This remarkable variety of stone owes its unique flashing look to a form of plagioclase feldspar called labradorite.  Someone might say that it is iridescent, but it isn’t really.  It’s labradorescent.  Unlike iridescence, which seems to emanate from the surface of an object, labradorescence glows from inside an object, as if it is internally lit.  While a bit different, it shares with the moonstone and a few other semiprecious minerals a property known as the Schiller effect.  Whatever it is called, it is striking and beautiful.

There’s More Where This Came From

In addition to this piece, I purchased several more of these stones and can make other tables like this one or make something special for you.





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