The “Friday” Cabinet

“Friday”, as in Robinson Crusoe.  It’s a helper that I can push to wherever I am working and reach my tools and have a place to put things as I work.

My goal was to build the cabinet, but my constraint was that I had to use only materials that were already in my shop – no running to Woodcraft or buying hardware from Brusso.  I had four casters, good start.  I had a panel from an old house remodel that I could use as an interesting top.  I had various pieces of plywood.  I had some very weathered, but usable, get this, Purple Heart wood that I could use as the drawer fronts.

So let the building begin.

I had several pieces of plywood cutoffs, as well as some left over poplar and white and red oak.

The plywood here provided both sides and the bottom.  I had a 1/4″ piece of white oak left over from a previous cabinet that served as the back.


On the left is a 100 year old panel removed from a remodeling job.  There is some oak there and some poplar.


And this is the purple heart a friend gave me.  See how weathered it is?  I resawed them so they were about 3/8″ thick to use as drawer fronts.


I had some Baltic birch that I made the drawer boxes from.  I also had two sets of full extension drawer slides.  You can see the ends of them on the bottom two drawers.


For the top three, I added low “skid plates” for the drawers to bear on to reduce friction.  I have seen this in older construction.  Made from scrap purple heart



Now I am applying the drawer fronts.  The bottom two drawers are made from two lengths of purple heart with a white oak strip laminated in the middle.

The face frame is also white oak, and I have added the wheels.

You might notice the handles.


Since I had no budget for hardware, I made the handles out of purple heart as well!


I sanded the top real nice and I’m ready to go!


I actually cheated.  I spent about $9 buying the nuts, bolts, and washers to fasten the handles.




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