The Dressing Room

The bathroom itself was tiny, but there was a nice dressing area just outside that had a walk in closet, and a vanity with a sink, one drawer, and a two door cabinet.  But man was it ugly!


An 1890’s New Orleans whore house mirror (just kidding) was mounted over the small window …partially, complemented by floral wallpaper, a formica cabinet, and a fake marble countertop.  I can’t forget the fake brass ceiling light, so I won’t.

My solution to this:

Cherry wood, granite, grass paper on the walls, and a little continuity in the choice of fixtures.


…and a metal fish on the wall.  That actually is from New Orleans.  Note the common elliptical curves in the lights, the medicine cabinet mirrors, the sink – and the fish.  The window is gone.

The cabinet is surfaced in cherry veneer, to match the door casings and baseboards.  I also added a second drawer, a sort of his and hers deal.  There are no pulls on the drawers or cabinets because there is a reverse bevel, allowing you to grab the top or sides and pull.


This is the vessel sink, in a super heavy and variegated blue glass.  It matches the granite countertop, which isn’t really a granite at all.  It is anorthosite, and contains blue inclusions of labradorite that shine an iridescent blue at the right angle.  The stone is  called Volga Blue if you want to find it.


Since the sink sits on top of the counter, I could add another drawer.  You can see the back bevel, painted a blue green, complimentary to the reds of the cherry, and similar to the color of the grass paper.


This is a closeup of the cherry trim.  I tried to put the most interestingly figured pieces at eye level.  You can also really see the texture of the wallpaper. (Not to mention the overspray inside the header of the pocket door)


As a side note, when this house was sold the new owner painted all the cherry white.  Nuf to make a grown man cry.


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