Not Your Father’s Deck

I wanted a nice place to sit where I could just walk out the door without stairs, so I built a deck.  I added the two sconce lights and later added three metal panels to the wall that depicted different styles of the fleur de lis.

This shows detail of the railing.  The deck and railings are all redwood, except the balusters are round pine.


The center railing has lit stained glass caps.  They are powered by solar cells and rechargeable batteries, and they automatically turn on at dusk.


In retrospect, I wish I had built it out a little further.  I was constrained on each side, one by an air conditioner, the other by a hose bib I didn’t want to move.  I thought I needed the open patio space to move things around the yard but it seems I could easily have stolen another several feet.  It’s still very nice.

And one other thing.  I bought a sliding screen for the window on the right side of the deck.  That is the kitchen.  We could load our margaritas on the kitchen counter then go outside to get them.


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