Mardi Gras Living

The day of Mardi Gras is the last binge before the discipline of Lent.  Food, drink, music, fun.  Once a year.  But we can live Mardi Gras a little bit every day by surrounding ourselves with reminders that life can be fun, exuberant, colorful, and happy.  That is what I call Mardi Gras Living.

These tables are dyed poplar with canvas tops in the colors of Mardi Gras – purple, gold, and green.  The top is stenciled with a fleur de lis.


Clown not included, but I might throw in the beads!


Jackson Pollack #8

But Mardi Gras comes in all colors!  How about this to spice up a room?  Made from prints of Jackson Pollack’s #8, done during his classical period in 1949.   Laissez les bon temps roller!


And a closeup showing the light texture of the top.


I have some others planned in this design vein.  If you have something in particular that you want, I can do that.


The Lit Wall Etagere

Something smaller and with a utility that I personally wanted.  Both of these are lit with battery powered LED lights that are easily removable and can be aimed back and forth.  The light powers off automatically after 30 minutes.

There is also a very simple mounting system that is secure and allows an inch or so of side to side adjustment.


I have started another in solid red oak and I would like to do a few in some other wood species as well.

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